What to know about sex during pregnancy

What to know about sex during pregnancy :

Unless her doctor or midwife has advised her differently, a woman may continue having intercourse throughout her pregnancy without any risk. In truth, a woman’s desire for sex may grow throughout certain phases of pregnancy, and sex might even be advantageous.

A woman may find that some postures are more comfortable for her when her belly begins to expand. Having open conversations about sex might make it easier for both couples to enjoy sex when pregnant.

In this post, we’ll look at safety concerns, hazards, and advice for having sex while pregnant. In addition, we go through when to refrain from having sex and how sex might alter during the second and third trimesters.

Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

At any point in a typical, straightforward pregnancy, sex will not cause harm to the unborn child. Strong uterine muscles, amniotic fluid, and a mucus plug that forms around the cervix all serve to safeguard the unborn child.

Some people think that having an orgasm during a pregnancy could harm the unborn child, increase the likelihood of a miscarriage, or cause an early labor. None of these apply to healthy pregnancies, though.

Can sex trigger labor?

Vaginal sex during pregnancy is not associated with an increased risk of preterm labor or early birth, according to numerous research. However, if a doctor determines that a patient is at high risk, they could advise against engaging in sexual activity throughout the pregnancy or simply in the later stages.

Late in pregnancy, Braxton Hicks contractions may be brought on by an orgasm or sexual intercourse.

Some pregnant women experience Braxton Hicks, which are light contractions, toward the conclusion of their pregnancy. These contractions, however, do not signal or start labor, therefore they are not alarming.

Best positions :

People should adopt postures that don’t put pressure on the growing belly in the later stages of pregnancy, including the missionary position. The weight of the baby may place additional strain on the mother’s internal organs or major arteries if she is lying on her back.

In positions where she has some degree of control over entry depth and pace, a pregnant woman could feel more at ease.

Pregnant women may find it comfortable to sit at the edge of the bed, sit on top of their partners, or spoon together.

Oral and anal sex :

It is completely safe to continue having oral sex while pregnant. However, a partner has to refrain from blowing air into the expectant mother’s vagina since doing so might result in an air embolism, in which an air bubble obstructs a blood artery. Although uncommon, an air embolism might be fatal for both the mother and the unborn child.

Although anal sex won’t hurt the unborn child, it could be difficult for someone who has hemorrhoids from their pregnancy. People should refrain from having anal and then vaginal intercourse since doing so increases the risk of an infection caused by germs spreading from the rectus to the vagina.

When to avoid sex :

If a woman has gone through any of the following, a midwife or doctor may urge her to refrain from sexual activity while she is pregnant:

  • issues with the cervix that might make it more likely for a pregnancy to end in miscarriage or to give birth early
  • while expecting twins
  • placenta previa, in which the placenta partially or completely obscures the cervix’s opening
  • cervical incompetence, which results in an early cervix opening
  • a history of having an early pregnancy
  • significant hemorrhage or irregular vaginal bleeding
  • amniotic fluid leaks
  • The waters have burst, raising the possibility of infection

It is crucial for a pregnant woman to safeguard both herself and her unborn child against sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). This calls for the use of barrier methods of contraception like condoms or dental dams during all sexual activity with new partners.

Effects on pregnancy on sex drive :

There are many diverse ways that pregnancy impacts sex urges, and no one reaction is normal.

Particularly in the second trimester, a rise in hormones and an increase in blood flow to the genitalia may make a person more erect.

Other individuals may notice a decline in their sex desire as a result of hormonal changes, a fall in body confidence, a drop in energy, or physical discomfort.

The sex drive of the spouse of a pregnant person might also be impacted by pregnancy. Due to changes in their bodily composition, such as enlarged breasts, some individuals may feel more attracted to their spouse who is pregnant.

Sometimes, the stress and anxiety experienced by both partners might cause them to lose interest in having sex. In order to ensure that both parties feel at ease, it is essential to be upfront about sex.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy :

Pregnant women and their partners may benefit from having sex throughout the pregnancy. Potential advantages include:

  • excellent orgasms. Pregnant women may have more orgasms that are more intense due to increased blood flow to the genitalia.
  • keeping active. Sex helps both people stay healthy and burns calories.
  • between-partners ties. Some couples discover that having sex while pregnant strengthens their relationship.
  • a strengthening of the immune system Sex raises IgA, an antibody that aids in warding off colds and other illnesses, according to a 2004 research.
  • a rise in happiness. Endorphins released during orgasms may promote happiness and relaxation in both mother and child.
Sex after giving birth :

After giving delivery, all new moms need time to recuperate and heal. They should give their bodies time to recuperate, for the cervix to shut, for the postpartum bleeding to cease, and, if necessary, for the healing of their C-section scars or vaginal rips.

When a woman feels ready, she is free to resume sexual activity. After giving birth, a woman may not feel like having sex for a while due to the tiredness and energy required to care for the newborn.

When to call a doctor :

Sex does not pose any hazards to the mother or the unborn child during a healthy pregnancy. If a pregnant woman has any odd discomfort or bleeding, whether or not it is due to sex, she should call her doctor straight once.


Having sex while pregnant almost never puts the mother or the unborn child at danger. As the pregnancy goes on, certain postures could become more or less pleasant.

Throughout and after pregnancy, a woman’s desire for sex may vary. People may maintain a healthy sexual life during pregnancy by communicating freely and honestly with their partners.

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