What to know about sex during pregnancy

What to know about sex during pregnancy

What to know about sex during pregnancy : Unless her doctor or midwife has advised her differently, a woman may continue having intercourse throughout her pregnancy without any risk. In truth, a woman’s desire for sex may grow throughout certain phases of pregnancy, and sex might even be advantageous. A woman may find that some … Read more

Indulekha Hair Oil – Review, Ingredients, Benefits, How to Use – No 1 Best Information 

Indulekha Hair Oil

A combination of oils and Ayurvedic remedies called Indulekha Bringha Oil is used to stop hair loss and encourage the development of new hair. The oil is made by soaking and maturing virgin coconut oil with extracts of bhringraj and svetakutaja for seven days in the sun. Indulekha Hair Oil is a powerful tool for … Read more

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Your Period? Tips, Benefits, and Side Effects – No 1 Best Information

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Your Period

Can you have sex during your period ? You will have a menstrual cycle throughout your reproductive years around once every month. There is no reason to refrain from sexual activity when you are on your period unless you are really uncomfortable. Period sex is safe even if it might be a little messy. Additionally, … Read more

First time sex can cause pregnancy – Is it true – No 1 Best Information

First time sex can cause pregnancy

Many individuals ponder whether or not you may become pregnant during your first sexual encounter. The million-dollar inquiry has a YES for an answer! Absolutely true! That’s right—having intercourse for the first time might result in pregnancy. Any young woman who engages in unprotected vaginal sex has the chance of becoming pregnant, whether it’s her … Read more

How to get rid of man boobs – No 1 Best Information

How to get rid of man boobs

Males and females alike have some breast tissue. Many men never experience breast tissue growth. However, for some people, it does so as a result of hormonal changes, the use of certain drugs, or an underlying medical condition. Gynecomastia is the medical name for this disorder. Some individuals use the phrase “man boobs,” which may … Read more

Neosporin Dusting Powder – Benifits , side effects – No 1 Best Information

Neosporin Dusting Powder

About Neosporin Dusting Powder : A mixture of drugs called Neosporin Dusting Powder is used to treat various bacterial skin infections. By acting against the infection-causing microbe, it reduces skin infection symptoms as swelling, redness, itching, etc. Neosporin powder is an antibiotic-class medication made up of the antibiotics Bacitracin, Neomycin, and Polymyxin B. It stops … Read more