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Kidney stones diet chart :

A kidney stone is a hard item that is formed from urine chemicals. Various wastes are dissolved in urine. Crystals arise when there is too much waste in too little liquid. Unless it is transported out of the body in the urine, the crystals attract additional elements and link together to create a solid that will grow in size.

The kidney, the body’s master chemist, usually eliminates these compounds in the urine. Having enough liquid flushes them out in most individuals, or other compounds in urine prevent a stone from developing. Calcium, oxalate, urate, cystine, xanthine, and phosphate are stone-forming compounds. To prevent difficulties, it is necessary to control the diet according to the kind of stone. Kidney stones diet chart

You may need to follow a particular diet if you have kidney stones. It’s possible that adhering to a certain eating plan will be enough to keep you from producing additional kidney stones. Medications, as well as a particular nutrition plan, may be required at other times. The DASH diet is recommended by certain physicians.

Please keep in mind that not all dietary suggestions are beneficial to all kinds of stone formers. Consult your doctor to determine the best diet for you. Changes in the quantity of salt (sodium), calcium, oxalate, protein, citrate, potassium, and hydration in your diet may be required. These modifications may be made with the assistance of a certified nutritionist. Kidney stones diet chart

We develop a 7-day diet plan for kidney stone sufferers, which includes foods that are free of calcium oxalate. Include a variety of liquids, such as coconut water and pomegranate juice, in your diet. We have included a meal schedule for a full diet.

These nutritious meals were chosen after consulting with nutritionists. We also provide a list of items to avoid when following this diet plan, including those that cause kidney stones. You must also make certain lifestyle adjustments as part of this Indian food plan for kidney stone sufferers. Kidney stones diet chart

Diet Chart For Kidney Stone Problem – Kidney stones diet chart

Breakfast (8.00 – 8.30 AM)3 uthappam + 2 tsp methi chutney + 1 glass milk (toned)
Mid Meal (11.00 – 11.30 AM)100 gram musk melon
Lunch (2.00 – 2.30 PM)4 jowar roti + half cup bitter guard sabji + half cup french beans curry + 1 glass butter milk
Evening (4.00 – 4.30 PM )1 cup green tea + 2-3 biscuits
Dinner 3 roti + half cup colocasia curry + half cup cucumber salad
Breakfast (8.00 – 8.30 AM )2 paratha + 2 tsp green chutney + 1 glass of milk
Mid Meal (11.00 – 11.30 AM ) 1 medium size pea
Lunch (2.00 – 2.30 PM )1 cup rice + 2 roti +brinjal sabji + half cup rasam + a glass of butter milk
Evening (4.00 PM ) A cup of green tea + 2-3 biscuits
Dinner (8.00 PM )3 bajra roti + lauki methi curry + half cup cucumber salad
Breakfast (8.00 AM )vegetable sandwich with 4 whole wheat bread slices + cucumber , tomato , onion , spinach + A glass of milk
Mid Meal (11.00 AM)100 gram pineapple
Lunch (2.00 PM)1 cup rice + half cup ivy gourd sabji + half cup dahi
Evening (4.00 PM)A cup of green tea + 3 biscuits
Dinner (8.00 PM)3 roti + half cup tinda curry + half cup cucumber salad
Breakfast (8.00 AM)1 cup bajra upma with vegitables vegetables + A glass of Milk
Mid Meal ( 11.00 AM)100 Gram pomegranate
Lunch (2.00 PM )1 cup rice + half cup capsicum sabji
Evening (4.00 PM )1 cup green tea + 3 biscuits
Dinner (8.00 PM )3 jowar roti + half cup raw banana curry +half cup cucumber salad
Breakfast (8.00 AM )4 rice idly + half cup sambar + 1 tsp coconut chutney + 1 glass butter milk
Mid Meal (11.00 AM )A medium size orange
Lunch (2.00 PM )1 cup rice + 2 roti + half cup cabbage ki sabji + a cup of curd
Evening (4.00 PM )1 cup green tea+2-3 biscuits
Dinner (8.00 PM)3 roti+1/2 cup bhindi curry+1/2 cup cucumber salad
Breakfast (8.00 AM)3 rice dosa+1/2 cup sambhar(less dal)+1tsp methi chutney+1 glass milk(toned)
Mid Meal (11.00 AM )1 banana
Lunch (2.00 PM)4 bajra roti+1/2 cup methi sabji +1/2 cup mooli curry+1 glass buttermilk
Evening (4.00 PM )1 cup green tea+2-3 biscuits
Dinner (8.00 PM )3 bajra roti+ 1/2 cup ridge gourd(thori) curry+1/2 cup cucumber salad
Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)1/2 cup cornflakes in 1 glass milk(toned)
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 medium size guava
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup rice+2 roti+1/2 cup snake gourd sabji+1/2 cup rasam+1 glass buttermilk
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup green tea+2-3 biscuits
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)3 jowar roti+1/2 cup cauliflower curry + 1 cup cucumber salad

Do’s And Dont’s While Following Diet Plan for Kidney Stone : Kidney stones diet chart

If you have kidney stones, you may start by making the following basic modifications to your lifestyle and eating habits, in addition to the kidney stone diet plan indicated above:

Don’ts : Kidney stones diet chart

  • Tomato with the seeds removed.
  • Avoid consuming excessive amounts of coffee, tea, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Increased consumption of marine foods and salty meals.
  • Guavas should be consumed on a regular basis.

Do’s : Kidney stones diet chart

  • Enough water should be consumed.
  • Calcium should be consumed in suitable amounts.
  • Animal protein is in short supply.
Food Items You Can Easily Consume in Kidney Stone : Kidney stones diet chart
  • Brown rice, oat meal, Brocken wheat, Ragi, and Quinoa are examples of cereals.
  • Chickpeas, kidney beans, moong dal, masoor dal, and soybeans are examples of pulses.
  • Bitter gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, ivy gourd, ladies finger, tinda, and green leafy vegetables are all gourds.
  • Custard Apples, Pears, Grapes, and Watermelon, Orenges, and Apple
  • Skim milk, Paneer, Cotage Cheese, and Yoghurt are examples of milk and milk products.
  • Lean meat, chicken breast, tuna, salmon, tilapia, swordfish, and cod are examples of meat, fish, and eggs. Kidney stones diet chart
  • 1.5 tablespoons of oil each day (olive oil, mustard oil, rice bran oil, canola oil)
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar every day

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