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Can you have sex during your period ?

You will have a menstrual cycle throughout your reproductive years around once every month. There is no reason to refrain from sexual activity when you are on your period unless you are really uncomfortable. Period sex is safe even if it might be a little messy. Additionally, there are certain benefits to having sex when you are menstruation, including a reduction in period discomfort.

What are the benefits?

A few benefits of having sex while on your period include:

  1. First aid for cramping

Menstrual cramps may be eased by orgasms. Your uterus contracts throughout your menstrual period to discharge its lining, which causes cramping. The muscles in your uterus also contract during an orgasm. They then let go. The cramping from your menstruation should subside after that discharge.

Sex also causes the release of feel-good endorphin-producing chemicals. Additionally, having a sexual relationship keeps your mind occupied, which may help you forget about your period pain.

  1. Shorter time frames

Sexual activity may shorten your menstrual cycle. The uterine contents are pushed out more quickly during an orgasm by muscle contractions. There can be shorter durations as a consequence.

  1. Enhanced sex desire

Hormonal changes cause your libido to fluctuate during your menstrual cycle. Some women claim to feel more sexy during their period, while others claim that their sex desire rises during ovulation, which is typically two weeks before your period.

  1. Organic lubricant

The KY may be stored when you are on your period. Naturally occurring lubricant in blood.

  1. It could make your headache go away.

Approximately 50% of womenReliable Source

Trusted Source experiences her migraine attacks throughout her menstruation. Although most menstrual migraine sufferers forego sex during their episodes, many of those who do report that it either entirely or largely alleviate their symptoms.

What are the possible side effects?

The mess created by having sex while on your period is its major drawback. If you have a strong flow, blood may go on you, your partner, and the bedding. In addition to making the bed messy, bleeding could make you feel embarrassed. The joy of sex may be diminished, sometimes completely, by worry over creating a mess.

The potential for transmitting a STI like HIV or hepatitis during a sexual encounter is something else to be concerned about. These viruses are bloodborne and may be transmitted by coming into touch with menstrual blood that has been tainted. Every time you have intercourse, use condoms to lower your chance of contracting or transmitting a STI.

You must take off your tampon in advance if you want to have sex while having your period. During intercourse, a neglected tampon may be pushed so high into your vagina that you may need medical attention to have it removed.

Can you get pregnant ?

No matter what stage of your menstrual cycle you are in, utilizing protection is a smart idea if you aren’t actively trying to conceive. Even if your chances of becoming pregnant during your period are decreased, it is still possible.

The period of time before your period begins, known as ovulation, is when you have the highest chance of becoming pregnant. However, every woman’s cycle is unique, and it might vary from month to month. Your chance of becoming pregnant during your period is increased if you have a brief menstrual cycle.

Also keep in mind that sperm may survive for up to seven days within your body. Therefore, there is a possibility that you may release an egg while sperm are still in your reproductive tract if you have a 22-day cycle and ovulation shortly after obtaining your period.

Do you need to use protection ?

You will be protected against STIs by using protection. In addition to being more likely to have a STI while on your period, menstrual blood contains viruses like HIV, making it easier for you to pass one on to your partner.

To lessen your chances of becoming pregnant and contracting a STI, insist that your partner use a latex condom each time you engage in sexual activity. There are other types of protection you may use if either you or your spouse is allergic to latex. You may seek advice from your physician or pharmacist.

Tips on having sex during your period :

Here are some suggestions to make period sex more bearable and less messy:

  • With your spouse, be sincere and transparent. Tell them your thoughts about having sex while on your period, and then inquire as to their thoughts. If either of you is apprehensive, discuss the causes of the unease.
  • Before you start playing about, take out your tampon if you have one.
  • To prevent any blood spills, spread a dark cloth on the bed. Or, to completely avoid the mess, have sex in the shower or bathtub.
  • To clean up after, keep a damp washcloth or wet wipes near the bed.
  • Make your lover use a condom made of latex. It will guard against STIs and pregnancy.
  • Try a new position if your typical one makes you uncomfortable. Try resting on your side with your spouse behind you, for instance.
Takeaway :

Don’t allow your period cause you to stop having sex. Sex may be just as delightful during those five or so days as it is the rest of the month with a little preparation. You may be astonished to learn that having sex during your period is considerably more thrilling.

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